February 2021

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  • The Inclusivity Icon

    A messiah for several parents and children, Dr Ayesha Husaini has devoted her energies striving for inclusion of the specially-abled. From working as an educational […]

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  • Art Dubai

    Art Dubai one of the most important events on the global arts calendar is all set to captivate viewers for six days from 29th March […]

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  • A Stitch and a craft

    With people confined to their homes and not many options to while time, handmade creations and handicrafts have just about dominated the hobbies market recently. […]

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  • Scintillating Sophia

    Rachit Gupta takes a deep dive into the world of Sophia The Robot, whose compelling Artificial Intelligence makes her the Woman of the Future Albert […]

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  • Wind beneath her wings

    Captain Zoya Aggarwal of Air India, recalls her inspirational journey to becoming the first female Commander in history to fly over the North Pole. Rachit […]

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  • Be a Savvy Sidepreneur

    From living on their own to starting businesses on their terms, more and more women are making their entrepreneurial dreams come true by starting as […]

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