Joyous Ramadan Gala at the Sharjah Expo center

Each year, we experience Ramadan as a celebration of giving and families coming together to break the day-long fasts. Besides, one more unforgettable staple of Ramadan is the huge sales and shopping experiences that come around with it.

This year, every sunset during two weeks of the holy month, the Sharjah Expo center will be home to everything you need to have a great time out with your family and friends. From delicious food, dazzling clothes and many fun activities have been put together for everyone wishing to have a lovely time together with family and friends. From 22nd April to 8th May, every night from 8 pm to 2 am, the biggest night bazaar in this region will be welcoming all to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan!

Vroom, zoom and kaboom with the Custom Show at WTC Dubai!

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